1. ORALS (*20min each, that includes the talk and questions from audience)

 Oral Session: June 11 - Sunday, 11-12am

 Electrical  mapping, modelling, and inverse problems in electrocardiography

 A parameter optimization to solve the inverse problem in electrocardiography

Gwladys Ravon, Remi Dubois, Yves Coudière, Mark Potse


 Sparse Bayesian Non-linear Regression for Multiple Onsets Estimation in Non-invasive Cardiac Electrophysiology

Sophie Giffard-Roisin, Hervé Delingette, Tom Jackson, Lauren Forvague, Jack Lee, Aldo Rinaldi, Nicholas Ayache, Reza Razavi, Maxime Sermesant


 Estimation of Local Conduction Velocity from Myocardium Activation Time: Application to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Thomas Pheiffer, David Soto-Iglesias, Yaroslav Nikulin, Tiziano Passerini, Julian Krebs, Marta Sitges, Antonio Berruezo, Oscar Camara, Tommaso Mansi


Oral Session: June 11- Sunday, 2-3pm

Novel imaging tools for myocardial tissue characterization

Three-Dimensional Quantification of Myocardial Collagen Morphology from Confocal Images

Abdallah Hasaballa, Greg Sands, Alexander Wilson, Alistair Young, Vicky Wang, Ian LeGrice, Martyn Nash


In vivo parametric T1 maps correlate with structural and molecular characteristics of focal fibrosis

Mihaela Pop, Samuel Oduneye, Li Zhang, Susan Newbigging, Graham A Wright


Microstructural Analysis of Cardiac Endomyocardial Biopsies with Synchrotron Radiation-based X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging

Hector Dejea, Patricia Garcia-Canadilla, Marco Stampanoni, Monica Zamora, Fatima Crispi, Bart Bijnens, Anne Bonnin


Oral Session: June 11 - Sunday, 4-5:20pm

Advanced methods for clinical evaluation and therapy guidance

Impact of Interventricular Interactions on Left Ventricular Function in Ebstein Anomaly

Tao Fujioka, Andreas Kühn, Sergio Sanchez Martinez, Wei Hui, Cameron Slorach, Luc Mertens, Bart Bijnens, Manfred Vogt, Mark Friedberg


Image Segmentation and Modeling of the Pediatric Tricuspid Valve in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Alison Pouch, Ahmed Aly, Andras Lasso, Alexander Nguyen, Adam Scanlan, Francis McGowan, Gabor Fichtinger, Robert Gorman, Joseph Gorman, Paul Yushkevich, Matthew Jolley


Strain-Based Parameters for Infarct Localization: Evaluation via a Learning Algorithm on a Synthetic Database of Pathological Hearts

Gerardo Kenny Rumindo, Nicolas Duchateau, Pierre Croisille, Jacques Ohayon, Patrick Clarysse


Towards Cognition-Guided Patient-Specific FEM-based Cardiac Surgery Simulation

Nicolai Schoch, Vincent Heuveline


Oral Session: June 12 - Monday, 9:20-10:40pm

Computational models of heart biomechanics, valves and flow

Longitudinal Parameter Estimation in 3D Electromechanical Models: Application to Cardiovascular Changes in Digestion

Roch Mollero, Jakob Hauser, Xavier Pennec, Manasi Datar, Hervé Delingette, Alexander Jones, Nicholas Ayache, Tobias Heimann, Maxime Sermesant


Assessment of atrioventricular valve regurgitation using biomechanical cardiac modeling

Radomir Chabiniok, Philippe Moireau, Christoph Kiesewetter, Tarique Hussain, Reza Razavi, Dominique Chapelle


A Patient-Specific Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of the Left Atrium in Atrial Fibrillation: Development and Initial Evaluation.

Alessandro Masci, Martino Alessandrini, Davide Forti, Filippo Meneghini, Luca Dedé, Corrado Tommasi, Alfio Quarteroni, Cristiana Corsi


In silico analysis of haemodynamics in patient-specific left atria with different appendage morphologies

Andy Olivares, Etelvino Silva, Marta Nuñez-Garcia, Constantine Butakoff, Damián Sánchez-Quintana, Xavier Freixa, Jérôme Noailly, Tom de Potter, Oscar Camara


Oral Session: June 12 - Monday, 11-12am

Biophysical and image-based electrophysiology modelling

Variance Based Sensitivity Analysis of IKr in a Model of the Human Atrial Action Potential using Gaussian Process Emulators

Eugene Chang, Sam Coveney, Richard Clayton


Image-based modeling of the heterogeneity of propagation of the cardiac AP. Example of rat heart HR-MRI

Andjela Davidovic, Yves Coudière, Yves Bourgault


VT Scan: Towards an Efficient Pipeline from Computed Tomography Images to Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation

Nicolas Cedilnik, Josselin Duchateau, Remi Dubois, Pierre Jaïs, Hubert Cochet, Maxime Sermesant


Oral Session: June 12 - Monday, 2-3pm

MR image reconstruction and segmentation

Multi-cycle Reconstruction of Cardiac MRI for the Analysis of Inter-Ventricular Septum Motion During Free Breathing

Teodora Chitiboi, Rebecca Ramb, Li Feng, Eve Piekarski, Lennart Tautz, Anja Hennemuth, Leon Axel


Learning-Based Heart Coverage Estimation for Short-Axis Cine Cardiac MR Images

Giacomo Tarroni, Ozan Oktay, Wenjia Bai, Andreas Schuh, Hideaki Suzuki, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Ben Glocker, Antonio de Marvao, Declan O’Regan, Stuart Cook, Daniel Rueckert


Using Atlas Prior with Graph Cut Methods for Right Ventricle Segmentation from Cardiac MRI

Shusil Dangi, Cristian Linte


Oral Session: June 13 - Tuesday, 9:20-10:40pm

Measurements & modelling of mechanical properties and perfusion

Feasibility of the estimation of myocardial stiffness with reduced 2D deformation data

 Anastasia Nasopoulou, David Nordsletten, Steven Niederer, Pablo Lamata


Analysis of Coronary Contrast Agent Transport in Bolus-Based Quantitative Myocardial Perfusion MRI Measurements with CFD Simulations

Johannes Martens, Sabine Panzer, Jeroen Petrus van den Wijngaard, Maria Siebes, Laura Schreiber


 Microstructurally Anchored Cardiac Kinematics by Combining In Vivo DENSE MRI and cDTI

 Luigi Perotti, Patrick Magrath, Ilya Verzhbinsky, Eric Aliotta, Kevin Moulin, Daniel Ennis


 Identification of Transversely Isotropic Properties from Magnetic Resonance Elastography Using the Optimised Virtual Fields Method

 Renee Miller, Arunark Kolipaka, Martyn Nash, Alistair Young


Oral Session: June 13- Tuesday, 1-2pm

Novel analysis and computational tools to assess tissue remodelling

Improving Understanding of Long-Term Cardiac Functional Remodelling via Cross-Sectional Analysis of Polyaffine Motion Parameters

Kristin McLeod, Maxime Sermesant, Xavier Pennec


Cartan Frames for Heart Wall Fiber Motion

Babak Samari, Tristan Aumentado-Armstrong, Gustav Strijkers, Martijn Froeling, Kaleem Siddiqi


Robust Model-based Registration of Cardiac MR Images for T1 and ECV mapping

Sofie Tilborghs, Tom Dresselaers, Piet Claus, Guido Claessen, Jan Bogaert, Frederik Maes, Paul Suetens



2. ACCEPTED POSTERS *Format of your choice (portrait/landscape). Size: no larger than 40x40inch.

FastVentricle: Cardiac Segmentation with ENet

Jesse Lieman-Sifry, Matthieu Le, Felix Lau, Sall Sean, Daniel Golden


Slice-to-volume image registration models for MRI-guided cardiac procedures

Lorraine Ma, Mehran Ebrahimi


Random Forest Based Left Ventricle Segmentation in LGE-MRI

Tanja Kurzendorfer, Christoph Forman, Alexander Brost, Andreas Maier


A multiple kernel learning framework to investigate the relationship between ventricular fibrillation and first myocardial infarction

Maciej Marciniak, Hermenegild Arevalo, Jacob Tfelt-Hansen, Kiril A. Ahtarovski, Thomas Engstrøm, Charlotte Glinge, Reza Jabbari, Thomas Jespersen, Niels Vejlstrup, Mary M. Maleckar, Kristin McLeod


Real-time Guiding Catheter and Guidewire Detection for Congenital Cardiovascular Interventions

YingLiang Ma, Mazen Alhrishy, Maria Panayiotou, Peter Mountney, Kawal Rhode


Feature Tracking Cardiac Magnetic Resonance via Deep Learning and Spline Optimization

Davis Vigneault, Weidi Xie, David Bluemke, Alison Noble


Noise Sensitive Trajectory Planning for MR Guided TAVI

Mustafa Bayraktar, Erol Yeniaras, Sertan Kaya, Seraphim Lawhorn, Kamran Iqbal, Nikolaos V Tsekos


3D Coronary vessel tracking in x-ray projections

Emmanuelle Poulain, Gregoire Malandain, Regis Vaillant


Analysis of activation-recovery intervals from intra-cardiac electrograms in a pre-clinical chronic model of myocardial infarction

Danielle Denisko, Samuel Oduneye, Philippa Krahn, Sudip Ghate, Ilan Lashevsky, Graham A Wright, Mihaela Pop


Improving the spatial solution of electrocardiographic imaging: A new regularization parameter choice technique for Tikhonov method

Judit Chamorro-Servent, Remi DUBOIS, Mark Potse, Yves Coudière


Statistical Atlases for Electroanatomical Mapping of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Mihaela Constantinescu, Su-Lin Lee, Sabine Ernst, Guang-Zhong Yang


Prediction of Post-Ablation Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Using Shape Parameterization and Partial Least Squares Regression

Shuman Jia, Claudia Camaioni, Marc-Michel Rohé, Pierre Jaïs, Xavier Pennec, Hubert Cochet, Maxime Sermesant


Adjustment of parameters in ionic models using optimal control problems

Diogene Vianney Pongui Ngoma, Yves Bourgault, Mihaela Pop, Hilaire Nkounkou


Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Electrophysiological Modeling: an Alternative to Finite Element Methods

 Eric Lluch, Rubén Doste, Sophie Giffard-Roisin, Alexandre This, Maxime Sermesant, Òscar Camara, Mathieu De Craene, Hernán G. Morales


One Mesh To Rule Them All: Registration-Based Personalized Cardiac Flow Simulations

Alexandre This, Ludovic Boilevin-Kayl, Hernán G. Morales, Odile Bonnefous, Pascal Allain, Miguel A. Fernández, Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau


A Rule-Based Method to Model Myocardial Fiber Orientation for Simulating Ventricular Outflow Tract Arrhythmias

Rubén Doste, David Soto-Iglesias, Gabriel Bernardino, Rafael Sebastian, Sophie Giffard-Roisin, Rocio Cabrera-Lozoya, Maxime Sermesant, Antonio Berruezo, Damian Sanchez-Quintana, Oscar Camara


Estimating 3D ventricular shape from 2D echocardiography: feasibility and effect of noise

Gabriel Bernardino, Constantine Butakoff, Marta Nuñez, Sebastian Imre Sarvari, Merida Rodriguez-Lopez, Fatima Crispi, Miguel Ángel González Ballester, Mathieu De Craene, Bart Bijnens


Combining deformation modeling and machine learning for personalized prosthesis size prediction in valve-sparing aortic root reconstruction

Jannis Hagenah, Michael Scharfschwerdt, Achim Schweikard, Christoph Metzner


Assessment of Haemodynamic Remodeling in Fetal Aortic Coarctation using a Lumped Model of the Circulation

Paula Giménez Mínguez, Bart Bijnens, Gabriel Bernardino, Eric Lluch, Iris Soveral, Olga Gómez, Patricia Garcia-Canadilla


3D Motion Modeling and Reconstruction of Left Ventricle Wall in Cardiac MRI

Dong Yang, Pengxiang Wu, Chaowei Tan, Kilian Pohl, Leon Axel, Dimitris Metaxas


Modeling of Myocardium Compressibility and its Impact in Computational Simulations of the Healthy and Infarcted Heart

Joao Soares, David Li, Eric Lai, Joseph Gorman, Robert Gorman, Michael Sacks


Characterizing patterns of response during mild stress-testing in continuous echocardiography recordings using a multiview dimensionality reduction technique

Mariana Nogueira, Gemma Piella, Sergio Sanchez Martinez, Helene Langet, Eric Saloux, Bart Bijnens, Mathieu De Craene





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